"Fox writes some sexy as hell cowboys. No question! They're a danger to panties everywhere."

—herding cats & burning soup








     Matthew held her hand as they left the restaurant, only letting go to drive. He pulled up to the circular driveway of Nelle’s house and popped out to open her car door.

    He splayed his hand across her lower back, fighting the desire to let it sink lower to grab her ass as she climbed the steps to the door. Standing under the porch light, her eyes brightened and her lashes made pointed shadows on the tops of her cheeks.

    He had permission for this at least—to kiss her on the front porch like they’d been on a normal date. He licked his lips, trying not to think about his heavy balls and how his cock had been semi-hard all night just being this close to her. He had to leave them both wanting tonight. His cock thickened more as need mixed with self-deprivation.

    Matthew laced his fingers into her soft, honey-scented hair to the roots and she rubbed back against his palm like a kitten. “Hold still.”

    Nelle’s eyes widened. His gaze drifted over her throat as she swallowed and his heart beat hot and fast in his chest. His mouth watered. She remained still, breathing gently though her nose.

    He hadn’t anticipated the sense of freedom those signed papers in his pocket would give him, and now this—her stillness at his command had him slipping into dominance like a tailor-made suit.

    Mine, he thought as he slid his lips over hers for the first time, tasting what was his, for now. He dug his fingers deeper and his grip tightened on the hair at the back of her head.

    Nelle’s lips parted and she sucked in a breath, leaving her mouth open, raising onto her toes as he grasped her higher.

    That’s right. Perfect. Open for me. Matthew turned her head, bringing her lips in line with his and brushing across them.

    Nelle groaned, letting her mouth be licked and nibbled.

    Yes. Right where I should have been all along. He wasn’t playing a part.

    “You taste delicious,” he whispered into her ear, kissing her some more, kissing her neck.

    She swallowed and nodded, and he saw something terribly beautiful in her eyes—they had gone glassy, dreamy, lusty from this small showing of his dominance. Pliant little thing looked as much in her element as he was in his. He couldn’t wait to read her answers to the questionnaire.

    “I’m going to inspect you, Nelle.” Her sharp intake of breath echoed in his own body. “Every soft, fuzzy, slick, warm, trembling inch of you.” She’d held still as he kissed her neck after each uttered word. He pulled her away by her grasped hair to rake his eyes over her nipples, visible against the fabric of her dress. Yes, he’d tie her up and tear her clothes from her.

    The power in him was rising, taking over, taking its rightful place. He was striding past roadblocks in his mind, ignoring them, stepping around. Nelle danced on her tiptoes, her breasts arching toward him. He stared unabashedly. “Lovely.”

    Her body’s response had been instant, making his cock throb and thicken. Finally, he let her down and she released a breathy shiver of relief, and smiled. He took her face in his hands and kissed her thoroughly. She was a delicious kisser. He couldn’t wait to feel those lips over his penis.

    The thought made him shiver and smile more.

    “What?” she grinned up at him, placing her hands over his.

    “Whatever craziness this is, we’re going to enjoy the fuck out of it, aren’t we?”