"Fox writes some sexy as hell cowboys. No question! They're a danger to panties everywhere."

—herding cats & burning soup








Sexy Stuff I Think About

Revealing your most deliciously intimate secrets is an act of (self) love. Read on as I bare my sensual soul and coerce my author friends to strip, flash and otherwise share what's really going on in their sexy lives.



Hold Me Together

Well, it's been a big week around here! My latest, naughtiest tale is now out... HOLD ME TOGETHER is my favorite story yet. I know some aspects of it will be controversial, but I told the story I wanted to tell, which is one of the great things about being an indie author. Check it out now on Amazon.


Also, I just got back from Readers & 'Ritas in Texas where I pretty much exposed myself by reading a sex scene from It's Just Sext to a ballroom full of romance-lovin' women! Lorelei James called me "brave" for doing so, and whether that means she liked it or not, I don't care--LORELEI JAMES CALLED ME BRAVE and I will carry that with me for a good long time. 


Naughty Little Secrets: Jasmine Haynes

Could Jasmine Haynes be my naughtiest guest yet? Read on and decide for yourself...

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Naughty Little Secrets: iloveladyporn

I am thrilled to have Tracie Lampe with me today, talking about vibrators, virginity and, of course, ladyporn. iloveladyporn.com

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Naughty Little Secrets: Cathleen Ross

Will Cathleen Ross reveal her most tantalizing, intimate secrets to me? Let's find out just how naughty she can be...

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Naughty Little Secrets: Eden Bradley

Welcome to the first installment of Naughty Little Secrets Q & A, where your favorite authors and bloggers reveal their most tantalizing, intimate secrets. I am thrilled to have the fabulous Eden Bradley as my very first guest author.

Thank you for being here, Eden! Since I know you are as courageous as you are beautiful, let's start with nipple clamps…

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