"Fox writes some sexy as hell cowboys. No question! They're a danger to panties everywhere."

—herding cats & burning soup








Hello! Thanks for stopping by to meet me.

I'm a big fan of bluegrass and country music, and a lover of all things woodsy and romantic. I wear bad girl boots and proud to say I was once mistaken for a roller derby queen.

I'm happy to be writing deeply meaningful, lust-filled love stories for you! It's what I truly love to do. Take Me for Longing, an Amazon bestseller for over two years, was my fiction debut. It was my first steamy romance and each one since has been hotter and more fun to write.

It is my hope that these stories make you and other readers feel just a little bit more excited and happy about your own sexy selves. I strongly believe our innate sensuality is one of the greatest gifts we all have, and waking it up, a sure way to happiness. What do you think?